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Cornerstone Draft

“Reflections” (11×11) acrylic/ joint compound/ resin on hardboard – The resin is glassy and reflective enough to catch nearby colors

Newly placed paintings look great in this home

“Pearl Harbor” (24″x48″) acrylic on hardboard

An expression of gratitude, inspired by my recent visit to the USS Arizona Memorial. The pattern is based on the Tree of Life symbol/windows on the memorial’s Shrine Room. This is also important to me since my dad was stationed at Pearl Harbor from 1961-65 with the U.S. Navy.

I donated a painting for a local youth soccer fundraiser. It was a fun night out and a success.

“Blown Away”
24 x 24
acrylic on canvas

Two pieces inspired by The Big Lebowski

“The Dude’s Rug”
48 x 24
acrylic on hardboard

48 x 24
acrylic on hardboard

As Seen on… The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel featured a segment on the Fibonacci or “Golden” spiral and profiled a couple pieces. (I like how the anchors held it up differently.)